During my time at, I’ve had the pleasure to work with the staff there and write guides or eBooks, which are available for free in PDF format. The eBooks are available courtesy of:

MakeUseOf (c) 2011

I strongly encourage you to download the final version from this page on MakeUseOf and support their endeavor to provide quality content.

Alternatively you can read a complete, but unedited draft of the eBooks, available from my personal online storage:

  • File Sharing Guide – “In this eBook, we’re going to take a look at the major file sharing technologies available and debate each one’s features and caveats, along with the best ways to make use of them. But before we get into the breadth of the subject, let’s take a moment to discuss a very important issue that is inevitably going to arise due to the nature of this guide.”
  • The Unnoficial Guide to the iPhone – “… And because it can do so much, it inadvertently gains complexity. In this guide we’ll present you with the ‘missing manual’ for the Phone.”
  • The Newbie Guide to Linux – “Many people believe that learning Linux is hard, that only system administrators can use it and dismiss the idea from the very beginning.[…]This guide’s goal is to bring the essentials of Linux together, helping less savvy Windows users migrate easily.”
  • The Complete Networking Guide – “Networking is still a delicate subject for many people. Today, everyone needs to know how to set up a local or home network, share printers and protect their privacy online using services like VPN or encrypting network traffic.”
  • The Productivity Guide for the Computer Geek – “[…] And because many of us can’t keep up with the increasingly faster pace of life, our ability to interact with other people and spend time with family and friends is greatly reduced. This, unfortunately, can lead to big problems, and it is extremely important to learn how to maintain a balance between work and everything else.”
  • Media Center Guide – “The media center market is certainly a crowded one. From brand boxes like the Apple TV to custom built powerhouses, a normal user has to make a lot of decisions, and when these decisions involve money a guide comes in pretty handy.”

You can also take a look at the MakeUseOf Guide series on LibraryThing.

Files are hosted on

The PDF Guides are © 2011 MakeUseOf.

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