Microsoft Arc Wireless Mouse

As much as I like to rant about Microsoft, their policies or software, their hardware division has been long known to produce some high quality products, especially keyboards an mice. The Arc mouse is no exception; a flawless design, universal compatibility with Mac, Linux and Windows, and an exceptional attention to details.

The Arc mouse has a simple and elegant design – so much Apple-like that I was quite amazed. This review is informal and concise.

  • The ‘paintjob’ is two-tone, silver and black, and is very elegant.
  • It’s light, but it feels incredibly good in your hand.
  • Excellent sensibility, with fast and accurate movement, even on glossy surfaces. Because the sensor is in the front, the sideways movement might feel a bit weird, but you’ll get used to it fast.
  • Even though it is supposed to be a ‘on-the-road’ mouse, I’ve been using it every day and I’m impressed by the ergonomics. Out of every mobile mouse I’ve tried so far, using it for an extended time did not represent any discomfort at all.
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries, not some proprietary battery/charger duo.
  • The fold design saves space when travelling.
  • Magnetic holder for the Bluetooth dongle, inside the mouse. The receiver is extremely small, even smaller than your thumb, and has fantastic reception: 2.4 GHz – 30 ft. Wireless Range.

The Microsoft Arc mouse is a must-have for any travelling geek. Visit Microsoft’s site for more information.

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