Ubuntu Tweak: Useful and Easy

A new version of Ubuntu Tweak has just been released and continues to make tweaking easier for Ubuntu. Thanks to Ubuntu Tweak you don’t have to hack deep into the terminal for making many useful changes to your Ubuntu setup.

First Impressions

Ubuntu Tweak underwent an major GUI change for the better during its last 0.4.1 release.


The newest feature introduced this time is the  GUI source editor. Basically what source code editor provides an GUI for editing the source lists. Previously you would have to hack around the terminal with  “sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list”.


You can not only edit sources but also upload them to a server (which anybody can use), then these can be shared with anybody using Ubuntu Tweak.

The sources are differentiated on a language base. There is a chance that some malicious people may want to use it for evil reasons, so the uploaded source list will be reviewed by a human before being allowed to download.


  • Displays useful system info like hostname, distribution, desktop environment, kernel, platform, CPU, memory in one place.
  • There is an Add/Remove Applications option which lets you install popular packages.
  • There is an Third Party Sources to add Third Party Repositories with one click. These are useful when the default Ubuntu repositories don’t contain the packages.
  • Package Cleaner was a new feature, introduced in the last release; since then Ubuntu 8.10 came with an option to clean old packages which makes this particular feature redundant.
  • You can control which programs to allow at start-up. A little prettier than using Sessions app.
  • Windows: Under this setting you can set cool options like changing the transparency of active and inactive windows. There is another option to set the title bar action. You can set windows to roll up as they do in Macs by using this option.
  • Tweak Compiz  settings easily.
  • One of the coolest features of Ubuntu Tweak is Scripts. Using Scripts you can enhance your right click contextual menu. There is a Browse as Root option which gives you an Nautilus window with administrator privileges, also another script called Link to allows you to create shortcuts.
  • You can set keyboard shortcuts for doing various tasks like starting your browser when you press a certain key combination.


Third Party Sources, allows you to install the latest versions of popular software like Amarok, Wine and many others. Also present are Scripts which allow you to add few highly useful options for your right click menu. There is an Browse as Root option which gives you an Nautilus window with administrator privileges; another script called Link to allows you to create shortcuts.


Ubuntu is an easy way of making changes and adding functionality to Ubuntu, a great addition for those trying to tweak Ubuntu to their exact specifications but are not willing to dig into the terminal.

Download the latest version here.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tweak: Useful and Easy”

  1. I'm hoping that Ubuntu Tweak gets merged into the main Ubuntu project or at least gets installed by default. It's always the first thing I install mostly for the Applications section, I used to use Automatix before that project ended but it had a tendency to ruin my install.

  2. I hope Ubuntu tweak doesn't get installed by default, and I found their sources.list editor to be quite… backwards. There is Software Sources already present in System→Administration that does the job way better than it.

    Overwall though, it is a good and well-intentioned project, and seems to be installed on ~4% of ubuntu's.

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