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Tux Geek


The Tux Geek is a blog for tech enthusiasts. We discuss almost any topic regarding the tech world but we especially like to keep an eye on Linux and open source.

It used to be part of How-to Geek until I had an argument with the owner, Lowell Heddings. Statistics for Tux Geek, while hosted on How-to Geek, were quite impressive and we’re working on getting even better results on our own domain.

We’ve moved! 

Recognize the logo and motto? Tux Geek used to be part of How-to Geek.

We don’t do ads.

Because our audience is tech-savvy enough to use AdBlock on Firefox. And because we think ads are annoying.

How do we do it?

Hosting, Design, CSS, PHP, and time, priceless. Help us out with a small donation!


Gill Morin

117 Farrell St,
Port Melbourne,
VIC 3207
(03) 9646 1517