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If you’re a geek, just like me and Bogdan, you can show off your writing skills and know-how on the Tux Geek. We’re looking forward to expanding the site - following the same recipe that got us over 500 000 pageviews in September-October and you could help out.

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The technology has developed to an immense scale. There was once a day where if you had to send some a message which is in the next district you need to wait a for a long time to get the message delivered and then again wait long some more time to get the reply from the message. In today’s world even if you want to get messages to someone who lives at the ends of the world, you can do it just seconds. Times have changed so much. Each day technology is improving to a great extent. People always keep updating themselves with new technologies so that they do not get left behind.

So if you are in the Information technology industry, then it is a must that you keep up with the latest technology and make sure that you learn them. Otherwise, you will be left behind in this industry.

The following are some of the newest technologies in the Information technology industry:

  • IoT and Smart Home Tech.
  • Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) technology.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Automation.
  • Big Data.


IoT and Smart Home Tech:

It is the internet of things where all the physical devices like smart appliances, buildings, vehicles that are embedded with electronics devices which enable these devices to communicate with each other and exchange data. Through Internet of things, you can control various devices with a remote device. The internet of things is the latest and growing technology in the world. The IoT also has various applications like media,     environmental monitoring, infrastructure management, manufacturing, Agriculture, energy management, building and home automation, transportation and lots of other things.

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) technology:

The AR the VR are the other technologies which are quite popular and trending these days. The Virtual reality is a computer simulation which is artificially generated which recreates the real life environment. The user who is seeing through a virtual reality feels like he/she sees a real thing. The Augmented reality is a technology which layers the computer enhancement on top of an already existing reality to make it more realistic and meaningful.

Both these technologies have a great use in the field of entertainment, science, technology, and medicine.

Machine Learning:

We all have difficulties with learning a new language and you we all must learn all the words which the computer can understand to communicate with them. The Machine learning is a field of computer science where computers are given the technology to learn without being programmed. The technology is related to computational statistics which predicts through the use of computers.


In today’s world, we expect everything to be done for us; we do not like doing anything manually. There are various things which can get automated in today’s world, and there are different technologies and ways in which you can automate things. There are lots of automation software which is already present and that are being developed for our future use.


In general, website liability is rather a broad subject, with many similarities of tradition business(brick and mortar) liabilities applying to the online world. Traditionally, website liability covers; intellectual property, online defamation, security and privacy.

This is an overview on those subjects, and the types of way you can protect your web business or website.

Obtaining Cyber Liability

There are a couple of ways you can obtain cyber liability insurance to protect your website from data breaches. You can use a group insurance like the Media Bloggers Association, where the costs for premiums is lowered due to the vast network, or you can access insurance privately on your own with companies like Axis Pro, Ace USA, or Hiscox USA.

If you have a website, and you employ writers or digital artists, for example, you can liable for what they post. If you have a user-driven site generating daily content from your customers or site users, you are also on the hook for certain problematic situations.

Try pretending that your website is a business on the corner of a busy commercial street. Would you leave your door wide open allowing the prospects of thieves to rob your business? Would you keep your files cabinet in the front where anyone can grab any sensitive information about you, your workers, your customers? No, but many online business owners neglect to consider that they are just as vulnerable as any brick and mortar company.

You do have choices and options.


Media Liability Insurance


You could opt to be covered by a media liability insurer and that will cover you in the event of;

  • Libel
  • Slander
  • Trademark infringements
  • Trademark violations
  • Banner ads
  • These events can arise more often than you may think. The typical media liability coverage is roughly $500,000 to $1,000,000. Sounds costly? It can be, after you factor in the costs of hiring lawyers, fees, and other nuisances that you would have to cover out of pocket if you didn’t have coverage. There are certain plans for big time publishers that go as high as $100 million.


Cyber Liability Insurance

The other form of being covered is most likely the better method of coverage if you own a website is, cyber liability insurance. This, as per typical, covers security and privacy matters, but you can get additions to the plan to cover what the aforementioned, media liability, will cover.


What does cyber liability cover for your online business?


Data Breaches: In the event, an online hacker compromises your security system and collects, transfers, or steals your private and personal information without your permissions—then you would be cover under this bracket.



Security Breaches: This bracket specialises more in Denial of Services attacks or malicious coding on your website. This protects you against the harm a hacker can unleash on your security.


Cyber Extortion Threats: Malicious users or hackers have and will threaten businesses to extort information, resources, or permissions from a website’s employee or owner. In this event, you may not have the adequate amount of funds to meet their demands, or the necessary tools to oblige. Having cyber insurance will cover the cost affiliated in dealing with this type of malicious behavior.


Identity Theft: This covers the website, users, and partners in the event identity information is stolen. Identity Theft is one of the biggest concerns for all business owners and online networks.

There are more brackets that are covered under the helm of cyber liability insurance.



Whether you have infringed upon a trademark or a copyright material you need coverage. If you operate in the wide spectrum of an online business, you face the universal and unlimited threats that come along from owning a website.

Security and privacy is constantly under attack from thieves online and in society. While there are steps you can do to make it harder for thieves to steal from you, sometimes it isn’t good enough. The costs associated to go after them is astronomical, and could cost you your business. If you are covered, then you won’t have to sweat all of the small stuff that plays significantly. If you have thousands of users on your website, defamation and intellectual property, trademarks, and copyright infringement are a possibility you could face. Finding the right insurer will help you take the best preventative measures in dealing with those infringements, as well as, shielding you from higher future costs in a lawsuit. Protect you and your web business properly with website liability.


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